If you have an iPhone and need to make some quick calculations, you can use the native calculator. But the iPad doesn’t come with a calculator. How about an app that works on both the iPhone and iPad, and lets you add words, save and email too? It’s called Soulver and it’s a great app for those of us who need to present numbers quickly and visually.

Often, when I am sitting with a client, I need to do multiple calculations. With Soulver, I can enter my values on the left, but I can also change the keyboard to letters and label what each value means. Instantly, Soulver gives you the calculation on the right hand side.

In the above example, I just have to tap on the two results to subtract and get a new solution. If something needs to change, I can just go on the left and adjust the numbers and all the results will immediately update.

What’s also great is that Soulver remembers all the calculations you have done and stores them on your device so you can retrieve them at any time. I cannot tell you how many times I have received a call from someone a few days after a meeting to review some numbers we discussed. It was easy to pull them back up in Soulver. The app even allows you to export the numbers as a standalone file so you send beautifully-formatted emails to someone.

Soulver is made by Acqualia Software, and is available at the app store for $2.99. You can learn more about it here.

Terence Duffy is a true tech ‘geek’ who has his pulse on the latest technology. He is CLEAR’s associate sales manager.

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